CSU SigEp Residential Learning Community (RLC)
Tax Deductible Giving

Would you like to support the CSU SigEp chapter with scholarships and educational programming- and qualify for a tax deduction? 

Colorado Gamma has grant funds administered by the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation in Richmond, a qualified 501(c)(3) charity. All gifts to these funds are eligible to be tax deductible* and you will receive a gift receipt from the SigEp Foundation. 

Your gift will be used only for qualified educational expenses and only for Co Gamma chapter undergraduates / CSU students. Grants from the Co Gamma RLC fund can only be used for three purposes: 1. undergraduate scholarships, 2. educational programming (locally) or travel expenses to educational programs, and 3. educational equipment or improvements to 121 E Lake St (e.g., technology, furniture, or other materials directly tied to Co Gamma undergraduate educational programs).

You may submit your gift by mail or online:


  • Visit the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation secure ONLINE CHAPTER GIVING PORTAL below.
  • Enter your personal information
  • In the Choose a Program field, please select "CO Gamma RLC"
  • Enter the amount of your gift, one-time or recurring, and Donate!
  • Enter your method of payment (all major credit/debit cards accepted) and click submit payment

By Mail

- Make check payable to "Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation"
- Add Memo: "Colorado Gamma RLC fund"

- Mail check to:
Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation
Attn: Alumni Giving
310 S. Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23220

How the Foundation Gifts Are Used to Support Co Gamma

Giving to Colorado Gamma's SigEp Foundation Funds is a great way to support the chapter and enjoy a tax benefit for your generosity. The chapter restricted Foundation funds are invested and managed as a pooled fund with all other chapter funds. Each year, the SigEp Foundation reports to Co Gamma's Red Door House Corporation how much is available to distribute as a grant to the chapter. The amount available is based on a three year rolling average of returns on the pooled investment fund.

The Co Gamma RLC Fund (or Colorado Gamma - Scholarship Fund as its called online) is the preferred fund for alumni tax deductible* giving because it gives Co Gamma Alumni's Red Door House Corp Board of Directors flexibility to use the funds for scholarships and educational programs.

The Bradford and Saylor scholarship funds are wonderful assets, honoring two great alumni, that can be used only for Co Gamma undergraduate scholarships. If you'd prefer to limit your gift only to undergraduate scholarships, and not educational programs, please select one of these two funds.

-> Please contact the Red Door House Corporation Board of Directors if you have any questions 

* Please contact your tax professional to determine the tax deductibility of a gift to the 501(c)(3) Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation charity (Tax ID: 546053821).