Balanced Man Program

Ninety percent of college takes place outside of the classroom. It’s in this part of the college experience — the unplanned, unstructured hours — that students discover their passions and plan their futures. For our brothers, much of this time is spent with their chapters — it’s where they build close bonds of friendship and learn how to communicate and work with others, to lead, and to speak in front of a crowd. Our brothers accomplish all of this through the Balanced Man Program (BMP).

The Balanced Man Program is the centerpiece of the SigEp chapter experience and provides the experience that today’s student needs to be successful during and after college. The Balanced Man Program is a non-pledging, non-hazing, four-year, personal, academic, leadership and professional skills development experience. Here is how the Balanced Man Program accomplishes those ideals:

The program is founded on five philosophical tenets:

  • Equal rights and responsibilities - Full membership upon joining
  • Continuous development - Growing throughout life
  • Accountability - Committing to SigEp’s high standards
  • Living the Ritual - Incorporating SigEp’s values into everyday life
  • Mentoring - Maximizing growth through guidance and support

... and takes the form of four self-paced challenges that span throughout the college career ...


... focusing on five areas of development: